S.C.G.E.A.  programmes
S.C.G.E.A. programmes are strictly based on Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabi to engage learners and give them solid foundations to achieve high levels of academic and personal attainment.

School Curriculum :

Academic Programme
The Curriculum of learning is designed as per syllabus of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi.

Syllabus & Courses offered :
NCERT as per NCF – 2005 ( I to VIII )
II Language – Hindi / Bengali ( I to VIII )
III Language – Hindi / Bengali ( V to VIII )

Nursery & K.G.  :
Innovative and Experimental curriculum as well as Montessori Method.

Classes I to V :
Subjects : English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science and Value Education.
Skills : Art, Craft, Music, Yoga.

Classes VI to VIII :Classes VI to VIII :
Subjects : English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Science & History, Civics, Geography, Pol. Science (for Class VIII), Computer Science one of the language.
Skills : Art, Craft, Yoga, Physical Education, Karate, Music (Vocal & instrumental), Dance, One of the prescribed S.U.PW. skills.

Assessment and Evaluation :
There would be Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment as per of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Note : There will be no formal exam/tests for Nursery & K.G. They will be given worksheets and activity sheets. Efforts grade would be awarded to them.

Teacher Empowerment :
S.C.G.E.A. is committed to provide education to the students by a body of highly motivated, committed ad trained educational professionals.
For the purpose of enriching and empowering including updating pedagogy training is a continuous exercise at S.C.G.E.A. S.C.G.E.A. relentlessly strives to have smart teachers with razor sharp multiple competencies. Post training, the deliverables are applied in real life classroom situations for the desired positive outcome. S.C.G.E.A. has also enlisted the services of Pearson Educational Services collaboration with IBM.
At present, the ongoing K12 professional development has heralded a sea change in the teaching learning process and a paradigm shift is clearly visible as the learning process is definitely child centric. The X-seed model and the Nurture International program have in fact strengthen the pedagogy in this direction.