Admission Procedure :
(a)   The official Application Form collected after going through the prospectus must be completed and submit with all necessary testimonials before the last date of acceptance, Admission are made on the basis of an Entrance Examination, date and time of which mentioned on the day of submission of Application Forms for Admission.

(b)   Parents/Guardians concerned shall be informed when a child is selected for admission on the same day of the Entrance Examination. However, the offer shall be treated as confirmed only if the fees and the security deposits have been paid within the stipulated time acknowledged.

(c)   For a child who has been to school previously and is attending this school for the first time a Transfer Certificate from the previous school must be furnished before joining the school. Since no change can be in the age once this is entered in each case. For those coming from outside West Bengal the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate education authority of the state concerned. The date of birth and name once entered in the Admission Register will not be altered under any circumstances. On Withdrawal a Transfer Certificate will be issued if due notice has been given and all fees have been paid according to school rules.

(d)   Admission to S.C.G. English Academy is a privilege not a right.

(e) Recommendations for admission from any sources will disqualify a prospective candidate, parents are therefore advised to approach the school office personally for admission and lot through any other form of persuasion.

(f)   The Principal reserves the right to admit or reject any applications for admission without assigning any reasons.

Cost of Prospectus & Registration :

Cost of Prospectus along with Admission form ₹ 300.00 (Non-Refundable)
Registration Fee ₹ 1000.00(Non-Refundable)
Annual Fee ₹ 1000.00 (Non-Refundable)

Fees Rules :

  • Annual fee to be paid at the time of Admission/Renewal of Admission of the academic session.
  • Tuition fee is to be paid initially at the time of admission and thereafter by 10th of every month or by 10th of July, October and January of the academic session.
  • Fees for the entire session may be deposited at a time in the beginning of the session or quarterly post dated cheques for the entire session may be deposited in the school in the beginning of the session.
  • Fees can be deposited through online or personally by cash in any specified branch of United Bank of India.
  • Fees, if to be paid by cheque, must be paid in the school by 5th of April, July, October and January for the relevant quarter.
  • Late fine @ ₹ 100.00 per month is liveable for failing to deposit fees by 10th of stipulated month.
  • Fees are subject to increment from year to year on the basis of price index

Refund Policy :   

  • Registration fee & Annual fee are not refundable in any circumstances if the child attends the school even for a day.
  • Due to certain valid reason if the child fails to join the school after admission, the tuition fee (paid) to be refunded after deducting the Annual fee.